The Not so Obvious Obviousness

“Isn’t it obvious?” My typical response to this question, which is asked more frequently that I’d like to admit is, “Ummmm no, that’s kind of why I’m asking you, it’s not so obvious to me!” Confusion is written all over the face of the person looking back at me, I see them wondering how on … Continue reading The Not so Obvious Obviousness

No Longer a Damsel in Distress

Unfixable. Broken. Damaged. Mistake. Hopeless. Helpless. How many times have we used these words during self-talk to deepen our wounds? Perhaps we’ve labeled ourselves as something toxic or attached ourselves to every negative word in existence. We hold on to friends or loved ones, hoping they have our antidote, only to find deeper wounds at … Continue reading No Longer a Damsel in Distress

A Case of the Ants

Beach. Sunset. Relaxation. Bliss. Ants. Love. Last week I switched into “daydream mode” while staring at a picture of a sunset. I envisioned myself laying on the sand, listening to the waves, the wind blowing against my skin, while filled with an impenetrable inner peace where nothing worried me or consumed my mind. My daydream … Continue reading A Case of the Ants