Who am I? – Radical Talk

Three words are asking one seemingly simple question.

Dozens of books exist that try to help us discover who we are and explain the purpose of life. Every year more books are published on the subject because this is still a trivia to many.


I am a Child of God.

With this response, I begin the journey of life.

All that I need for the journey is my faith, hope, and love.

You see a coat hanging on a wall; with the eyes of your body you do not see the hook, because the hook is under the coat; but with the eyes of your mind you see the hook, all right. Supposing you did not: it would mean that you thought the coat was hanging on the wall by its own power: you would be wrong about the nature of coats, the nature of walls, the laws of gravity. You would be living in wonderland. If the failure to see so small a thing as a hook means a deranged universe, how much more the failure to see God – on whom everything depends on, including the hook. – Frank Sheed

God is keeping us alive, holding us up, just as the hook keeps the coat hanging on the wall. We can open ourselves to it or not, but He will still be there holding us up.

By knowing more about God, I learn more about myself. My nature does not define who I am, my human nature (what I am) defines what I (the person inside my human body ) can do within my nature. I don’t need a dozen books to try to open my eyes to who I am. All I need is the Bible, the Living Word of God, a willingness to let His word to guide me. The Bible is my life manual!

I am the soul inside of my body, the Child of God, the one who controls the decisions I make; decisions that are sometimes led by a “knowing” that the mind cannot grasp because of its limitations. Being a Child of God empowers me to feel comfortable with myself, the good and the bad. I find comfort in knowing certain things are out of my control; there are things that I need to let go and let God. I find comfort knowing that God is bigger than I am and He can carry whatever is too heavy for me to carry on my pain; pain, stress, confusion.

I don’t need to understand everything. During the trying times, I can embrace the mystery of my faith to strengthen me when pain and suffering do not make sense.


123God is love.

We can live in His love!

How can I live radically* like Jesus?

To live radically is to live in the root of who I am in Christ.

The root of Christ, of our faith, is love.

He showed us, unconditional love. He didn’t limit his love! His love is extended to everyone, everywhere, deserving or not! That’s what’s radical about Jesus. It’s an all for one, one for all type of thing. You don’t need to apply to be approved; you’re already under the umbrella of His love.

To start living a fulfilled life, I need to make sure everything I do, everything I express, everything I think, everything I am is centered on God who is love.



*Radical: of or going to the root or origin; fundamental:

For more information check out:Matthew Kelly – Rediscover Jesus

6 thoughts on “Who am I? – Radical Talk

    1. It’s not always easy, but it will bring us peace. A good friend once told me that God is big enough to carry our pain. He can take our anger. When things don’t make sense we can breakdown with him in prayers and give him our shattered hearts, asking him to make it new. We won’t heal overnight, but trusting that He will take us to a place of healing, can give us hope in our darkest moments.

      Sharing a few songs I listen to that help silence the mind and allow me to lean on God:

      Jesus Take the Wheel -Carried Underwood

      Oceans – Hillsong

      Need You Now – Hilary Scott

      Thy Will – Hilary Scott

      Sheltered in the Arms of God – Hilary Scott


      1. I don’t think I’m familiar with Oceans or Sheltered in the Arms of God. I’ll have to check them out. Thy Will has been a big one for me recently. I’m struggling to believe any of this is God’s Will. But it really isn’t my job to understand what God is doing or not doing. I just need to find a way to accept it.

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