Overwhelmed – Romans 8:31

Rather than pausing and waiting patiently, we are tempted to act hastily when we are overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated, or confused. There is a great value in pausing and inviting God into a situation before deciding what the best approach for a given situation is.

Today’s Jesus Calling is a breath of fresh air. The reflection filled me with hope and strength with what I am facing; my inability to blend our family correctly.

Disclaimer 1)- I don’t believe in coincidences, I believe in Godincidences, I trust that God is speaking to my heart through this verse.

Meditation Verse Genesis 1614-15:

Background information-

God promised Abraham he would make him a father of many nations. As a result, Abraham would be fruitful, and kings would descend from him. A name change accompanied His promise; God changed Abram’s name to Abraham (father of many), and Sarai’s name changed to Sarah (mother of nations).

Imagine God telling you He will give you the gift of being parents, but with each passing day you’re getting older and have yet to conceive.

From a human’s perspective, it seems like an unsolvable problem.
Children are God’s blessing. Abraham and Sarah’s lack of children could have been mistaken as God not granting them the gift because He was not pleased with them. Children were also a source of financial security for the family because they cared for the parents when they were elders. Their financial stability and future were compromised without the fulfillment of God’s promise.

What to do? How could the problem be fixed?

What did Sarah do?

She took matters into her hands.

She instructed her concubine Hager to lay with her husband so that he could conceive a child through her. Hagar gets pregnant as planned, but an unforeseen problem arises.  Sarah grew jealous and blamed her husband for her pain since he accepted her proposition and was expecting a child from Hagar. Sarah mistreated Hagar because of her jealousy, and Hagar fled to the desert.

The angel of the Lord appeared to Haggar and told her God had seen her and would protect her. Hagar returned to Abraham and Sarah, and their story continues, but I will stop here. I invite you to read Genesis 16 on your own and use a Bible Study.

Countless times I have prayed to God while simultaneously suggesting how He should resolve the problem. Do I trust God when I feel He is silent and I despair while waiting? Do I believe God hears me? Do I trust in God’s perfect timing? Do my actions align with what I profess?

We are left wondering about what Sarah did before deciding Hagar was the satisfactory solution to her infertility.  We do not know if Sarah prayed to God or if she discussed the matter with Abraham before instructing him to sleep with Hagar. God spoke to Abraham; it’s not the same as our current times where we listen to God through His Word, miracles, or expressions of love from others and trust in our faith. I repeat, Abraham spoke with God directly.  We don’t read about them consulting God to follow-up on their infertility struggles. Was it pride that kept them from doing so; perhaps they were concerned with God’s response as to why He hadn’t fulfilled His promise to bless them with children? Did they believe God needed help or had forgotten about His promise? Were they more concerned with how their peers would perceive them if God didn’t bless them with a child? I trust that there is a theological explanation as to why that was not a part of this story, but I will use the absence of the conversation to remind me of my lack of conversation with God.

Our limited understanding does not equate to having a limited God. He is an infinite and ever knowing God. We ask, but question the feasibility of an answered prayer because we transfer our inability to resolve an issue to God and limit His power. We are tempted to limit His abilities, but God cannot be limited.

It can be said Sarah lost faith when she resorted to solving the problem on her own. Sarah went from having one issue -infertility – to facing infertility and jealousy. She burdened herself with additional challenges and put a strain on her marriage. What she believed to be a solution further wounded her. An innocent mother and child caught in the middle. Thankfully our God who is amazing, loving, and compassionate had mercy and guarded Hagar and Ishmael.

I must trust in God’s plan and timing. I must not be like Sarah and face this challenge alone. I must not influence my husband into making a decision that could hurt our children or us. I must be mindful of the role I have in the lives of those I love and rely on God’s wisdom instead of my own to lead the way. I don’t currently see the bright light of hope in my situation, but I trust that regardless of how long it takes love will prevail. We are always searching for opportunities to serve and love; this is my moment to rise to the occasion and love my family. Love is hard. It’s a choice we make daily. As the Bible states, what reward is there in loving those who love you in return? I must act calmly and make sure that my actions are reflecting the love I intend to offer.  I must make sure that by attempting to solve a problem I don’t create a bigger one. I must acknowledge that I can’t see the big picture and must take my time when making decisions or responding to uncomfortable situations. I won’t allow myself to be hurt or used; I will guard my heart and my family against injustice. I will protect my marriage against everything.

God, I trust in the great plans You have for my life. I am a Child of God, and I accept Your will regardless of how difficult or challenging the path might be. I will continue praying for my family. At this time I am unable to bring peace to my family or unite us as my heart desires. My limitations do not limit You, God. What’s impossible to me is not impossible for You. You hear the cries of your children and never abandon us, I know you see the pain in my heart and will help heal me. Today, I surrender my fears, doubts, and confusion, and ask that you work in our hearts to fulfill your plan for our family. I pray you enlighten me so that I do not repeat the mistakes of Sarah and further wound myself or my family by relying on my understanding myself versus Yours. I pray You guide my husband to make wise decisions that express love to all the members of our family. May he be the best role model for our children and may we be partners on this journey of life for all eternity. Please keep us united and protected.

In Jesus’ name. Amen

The 2nd verse in today’s meditation is Romans 8:31 – this is the verse inscribed in my husband’s ring. God will prevail!

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31 (NIV)

February 3 – “Jesus Calling”, by Sarah Young

I am with you and for you. You face nothing alone—nothing! When you feel anxious, know that you are focusing on the visible world and leaving Me out of the picture. The remedy is simple: Fix your eyes not on what is seen but on what is unseen. Verbalize your trust in Me, the Living One who sees you always. I will get you safely through this day and all your days. But you can find Me only in the present. Each day is a precious gift from My Father. How ridiculous to grasp for future gifts when today’s is set before you! Receive today’s gift gratefully, unwrapping it tenderly and delving into its depths. As you savor this gift, you find Me.

What, then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?
—Romans 8:31

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.
—2 Corinthians 4:18

So she called the name of the Lord Who spoke to her, You are a God of seeing, for she said, Have I [not] even here [in the wilderness] looked upon Him Who sees me [and lived]? Or have I here also seen [the future purposes or designs of] Him Who sees me? Therefore the well was called Beer-lahai-roi [A well to the Living One Who sees me].
—Genesis 16:13–14


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2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed – Romans 8:31

  1. I love your thoughts and I am heartened by the many Christians blogging on the web. Blessings for you from Jesus. I answered your comment on another page. ( Brandon’s I think) with Micah 6:8

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  2. Thank you for following The Ruminant Scribe. I am humbled by your spending time at my site and I pray that you found it encouraging for your journey. I look forward to reading more of your posts in the future. Blessings to you today and throughout your walk with our Lord.

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