Overwhelmed – Romans 8:31

Rather than pausing and waiting patiently, we are tempted to act hastily when we are overwhelmed, disappointed, frustrated, or confused. There is a great value in pausing and inviting God into a situation before deciding what the best approach for a given situation is. Today's Jesus Calling is a breath of fresh air. The reflection … Continue reading Overwhelmed – Romans 8:31

Saving $ – Coupon Fun

Whoever loves money never has enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with their income. This too is meaningless.Ecclesiastes 5:10 In the past few weeks I've dedicated more time to myself and as a result, I've written less. I've picked up a few habits that are reshaping my way of thinking. I've started coupon clipping- … Continue reading Saving $ – Coupon Fun

Crossing Over- Married Life

The success of marriage comes not in finding the “right” person, but in the ability of both partners to adjust to the real person they inevitably realize they married.-John Fischer "You may now kiss the bride" is followed by, "and they lived happily ever after," right? I've heard countless times that relationships change after the … Continue reading Crossing Over- Married Life

Agree to Disagree – Who Am I Kidding?

I've heard this and said this countless times, "let's agree to disagree." In all honesty, it’s easier said than done, especially when the stakes of the argument are high. What if the disagreement is regarding an injustice, agree to disagree - and pretend everything is ok? I don't think so! Our approach to our differences … Continue reading Agree to Disagree – Who Am I Kidding?